Meet the team




Meet Maya, the girl behind Roam. Maya's resume is about as all over the place as she is, but she considers that a good thing. From experience in tech start-ups in SF to for non-profits in BC & Montreal, and from a small boutique hotel chain to one of Canada's oldest and largest financial firms, there isn't much about communications strategy that stumps her. She has run around the world a few times, really digs food + wine culture and has a particular knack for creating lasting and meaningful relationships. The ocean and awesome people really make her tick. Passionate about people, philanthropy and travel, Maya loves those serendipitous moments of discovery - finding the perfect cafe di latte in Capri or nasi goreng in Nusa Dua. When she’s not making connections over a sunset appertif, you’re likely to find her making a mess in the kitchen, reading political autobiographies, pairing wine and cheese or working with children with autism. At the end of the day, you have to respect Maya’s die-hard appreciation for the finer details in life and her indepth understanding of people, connection and brand engagement.



media director

After a couple successful years (okay, a decade) scrambling up the corporate ladder in Real Estate , Michael packed up a knapsack and headed to Europe for a photographically epic (real life epic, too) 32,000 km road-trip across Europe. He crammed a few tshirts, some boardies, and a lot of camera gear into a van with his brother and best friend and quite literally chose the road(s) less traveled. Frost would have been proud. After some National Geographic worthy shots surfaced, Michael quickly became a go to Travel & LifeStyle Content Producer for big names like European Travel Ventures (or its better known subsidiary, The Yacht Week). He has since shot and directed media content for hotels, flotillas, venues and other establishments all over Europe and the Caribbean. Trust us, the guy is good. In fact, his go to nickname is 10/10. His equally good gear lineup of choice includes the Sony Alpha products, DJI Phantom 4 Pro, GoPro and Lightroom.


Arron leppard

photographer + Videographer

Arron Leppard is an international (British) man of mystery currently living in Vancouver. Published in international magazines like Conde Nast, he's somehow managed to stay humble. Which is particularly impressive given that his client list boasts the likes of City of London, Canon, Sony, Flight Centre, and Stella Artois.  He is known for his natural and genuine approach to his camera work and his ability to capture fleeting moments, making him primarily responsible for providing the still perspectives, to allow an amplitude of angles without having to stage any scenes. Arron believes in authenticity, and it shines through in everything he shoots.


Olivia Stanoev


After studying Business Administration Marketing, Olivia found herself onboard with industry giant, European Travel Ventures in 2013. As Events staff for their trademark product ‘The Yacht Week’ Liv was quickly asked to join the company’s Influencer Relations Team. Warm and sociable by nature, she was the perfect fit to liaise directly between the company and major sponsors such as UE by Logitech. As part of her role, she was responsible for managing the guest experience for Influencers and HNW attendees onboard the sponsor boats. Obviously, she killed it and made a hundred new friends along the way. So we were pretty thrilled when she joined Roam and took ownership of our Influencer & Community program. When Liv isn’t seducing new friends with her infectious laugh (seriously, try to keep a straight face around her) or cultivating new relationships while cruising from one country to the next, you can likely find her smothering Tzatziki on absolutely anything she can get her hands on or annoying her twin brother.